Picture heavy; updated photos, please take a look..


8 Years
Feb 13, 2011
Central IL
I am trying to make sure our "guesses" are still correct:

Silkie -- was guessed to be a Roo...wdyt ..still? ALL these are Approx. 3ish months old..

Golden Laced Polish "Polinda" was said to be a "roo".... (terrible photo; but the crest feathers are slightly rounded ...but some are kinda pointy too..the comb has NOT grown any...

I think this EE'er "pullet" is really a roo...wdyt?

That polish is a hen. Your silkie will not even crow til it's 8-9 months old, so you need to move the poof and if there is even a remote bit of comb it's a roo. The last photo is a roo. Look at the tail feathers and compare that to your polish - you can see hers are much higher lifted and not drooping at all the way roos tails do.

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