picture of feeders please


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Oct 5, 2010
Owosso, MI
I don't have a picture. But, I made a feeder using a hog pan a five gallon bucket and a blot with a nut. $6 inplace of $20. I cut about a quarter round the way of the bucket taking about one inch high off. Then I attached the pan to the bucket with one bolt so that you spin the bucket and feed comes out all the way 'round. works pretty good so far!


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Oct 6, 2010
Missoula Montana
I used all recycled items for my coop, run and feeder. I chose to use a piece of rain gutter (with end caps) mounted on a piece of wood that is about twice as wide (mostly so they couldn't tip it over) and then set it on appropriately raised bricks. Then I wrapped some 2 x 4 wire fencing over the top so they wouldn't waste any but could easily reach their food. It works AWESOME If you are interested, I can take a picture tomorrow.


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Sep 22, 2009
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I've made two: one in the yard for those chickens who don't sleep in the Big Coop, and one in the Big Coop.
The yard feeder is a 5 gal bucket with holes in the sides at the bottom, bolted to a 20" plastic potted plant saucer.

The one in the Big Coop is this one:

It takes up very little space. I've since moved it to the opposite wall because I needed to place a covered kitty litter box as a nesting box in that corner. (Perfect timing too, as a broody hen took it over and hatched four chicks in it 2 days ago!)

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