*picture overload!!* pics of my flock!!


11 Years
Jun 18, 2008
here are some pics of my flock.
here is my EE roo, Freckles (he looks kinda scary in the pic because of the sun)

here are my porcelain d'uccle bantams pair, Snowball and Rain

here are my Buff orpington pullets, Buffy and Pea-Wea

here is my little meaty chick, Mandy

here are some of my chickens free ranging

here is my EE hen, Cluckers

here are some of my chickens dust bathing.

here is yellow wings my buff orp roo and my RIR hen, Fudge

here is Twister my Black sexlink hen with the first egg!!!

here are some of my chickens getting ready for night time in the coop.

can you tell what breed of roo this is? i am lost. his name is Crow.

there are more pics. but sadly i cant fit them all! in photobucket i have up to 18 pages just filled wiht chicken pictures!

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