Picture trouble in "Coop" article


7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
Central Pennsylvania
Cannot get my picture to load in my coop article. I get a message that says "error in retrieving URL". I am using Photobucket, and set the album to public. Tried all the different image links, too. And suggestions? I am using an iPad.
Try posting image to this thread. If same error message appears, post link to album/image name (will try it from here).
Haven't used PB for a few weeks, seems they're at it again (can't leave system well enough alone) making things `cute' instead of functional. However, all my `fuddydudding' aside. the HTML link, pasted into this post, from your account, does display Link should look just like (click for full size): .
I am thinking it is an iPad compatibility issue. There is a warning above this text box that says there is a compatibility issue with the browser. I think I'll try it on the laptop later. Tanks for checking!

P.s., does that chicken, above, look close to laying? Lol I am still waiting!
Well, not sure if it isn't IPAD&PB - notice that their link informs one that it is `beta' (used to get paid to be a beta tester :( )

I'm sure she's progressing to the `nesting' :)
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If you right click (touch?) photo above to `get properties/url/copy link address'? And paste that?

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