Pictures from state fair


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6 Years
Sep 8, 2013
I took pictures at our state fair of birds I thought handsome. I would like your help identifying them please.

Handsome girls don't you think?
Thanks you for the help.

Speckeled Sussex looks like, Blue (Splash) Laced Red Wyandotte, Gold Laced Wyandotte my votes.
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Thanks for the reply. After looking up the names, I would agree the two are blue red laced and golden laced wyandottes. I'll go with the speckled sussex for the first one. Thanks again. May have to add these one day.

First one is definitely a Speckled Sussex, down to the white legs as well.

I'd say this is a young bird.

Second I agree is a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte.

I don't think I agree that the last one is a Wyandotte as well. The rear looks very rounded, like a Cochin or Pekin.

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