Pictures from this morning...I'm keeping my neighbors chickens and chicks!!!

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by kallan, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. kallan

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    Sep 18, 2013
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    Hi, I have been feeding and caring for 13 neglected (free ranged, I believe he calls it) on my property since April. The neighbor finally caught 7 of them and passed them on to another individual. Unable to catch the rest, I decided to build them a coop and get a few more chickens to lure them to the coop. Well, I got some nice cochins, a game hen and built a nice coop from a rubbermaid 4x6x5T shed along with a large run. After reading articles, I was afraid to mix everybody until I could inspect them healthwise, so I began another coop build. I put a divider down the middle to segregate a few if need be. As soon as I got this built, I caught 4 of them, but I knew there were 2 more hens out there somewhere. I found one hen in my wishing well surrounding my well pump sitting on 22 eggs. I removed her to the coop with eggs, but she has shown no interest in them. I tried to keep them a bit warm overnight, but I think I may have cooked them. I then found the other hen near a large rock and heard peeps. I caught her and her brood of 10 and placed them in the sectioned off side of the coop.

    I only have Purina crumbles, scratch, oyster shell and grit, no chick starter. They seem to be drinking from a shallow cat dish and nibbling on the crumbles. I always supplement everyone with fresh greens, peel scraps, bamboo, etc., so I hope this will be enough for them. I have fixed up a plastic dog house that I lined with pine shavings and they stayed in there last night in the coop. I will have to start on something more permanent for the winter. What else would you do for them? Here are photos of the hen and rooster. What do you think the chicks will look like? Is this hen a breed of Asil?


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    Welcome to BYC [​IMG] Those chicks are beautiful!! Wow, lucky you! But please, please get them some chick starter. Chicks and young (under 16 weeks of age) chickens should not eat layer in any amount as the high calcium content damages their kidneys. Enjoy your flock and the site!
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    Welcome to BYC! [​IMG]Happy you joined!
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    [​IMG] you are very kind to do this
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    Good to know. After I eat a bit, off to Tractor Supply for some chick starter. Thanks all for your welcomes! I'll post some pictures of my cochins, etc. soon. I have hardware cloth on the sides of the chick pen along with poultry netting, but on the divider, I only have poultry netting and the little chicks are getting curious watching the rooster and hens on the other side and they can fit through those large openings easily. These six chickens have been together free ranging for months, so do you think if the chicks ventured into their area, they'd play nice with the little ones? If not, I have some strong deer netting 1" squares, I could attach against the wire to hold them back until I get more hardware cloth.

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