Pictures of a chicken during a severe molt??

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    Does anyone have pictures of a chicken experiencing a severe molt? I am still trying to figure out what is going on with my girl that suddenly lost lots of feathers-she was being pecked a little but still not sure. A lot of the feathers look like they are broken off-I will take a pic later and try to post but was looking for something to reference. We have her inside now-it is very cold outside and trying to give her some TLC. She doesn't have mites that I can tell. There are few really bare patches, but mostly just broken off is weird. Advice is greatly appreciated...
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    I'm glad you have separated her- broken shafts do not sound like a molt. Do you have any reason to think a rooster or another hen is harassing her or that she has crashed into anything? Are the missing feathers on her back? if so might be rooster damage. Yes, a pic would be very helpful.

    Mites are tiny, like speckles of paprika, are you sure she has none? Any sign of worms or going light?

    Extra protein is always the choice for feather loss and a baby multivitamin (no added iron) would give her a boost as she metabolizes that and gets back on track.
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    It's very possible she has mites or lice. Treat her with Ivermectin. I use the cattle pour on formula. Put 4 drops on her SKIN at the base of her neck/back. Make sure you get it on her skin. If it soaks into the feathers it will not be effective. You can also give her a bath (that would be my choice if she were living in the house with us) with a flea and tick shampoo. As soon as you put her in the water start lathering her feathers near her head. This way when the critters try to escape down her back they will run into the treated water and die.

    It's like a horror movie to bathe an infested chicken and start at the wrong end. I made this mistake when I rescued an abused hen and gave her a flea bath. They ran up her body and just covered her face. Still grosses me out.

    Make sure you follow the bath with either Ivermectin or another flea and tick bath in 10 days to kill any eggs that have hatched.
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    I just had all three of mine molt. They looked like hell warmed over. They still acted like they always did, just looked like hell. 4 weeks later they all have their feathers. Better than new! I thought something had gotten to them cause of all the feathers on the floor!

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