Pictures of chicks from first hatch!

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    Feb 20, 2016
    Haven't logged on for a while, these are pictures of chicks from our very first hatch. We got 7 eggs from (their "Eggs for Education". 4 hatched, but one didn't make it. [​IMG] Here are the three remaining. My 4 year old son is super excited about them. He plays with them every day and is very gentle (for the most part!). 7 new eggs in the incubator for our second hatch, will post pics of those soon!

    Our olive egger, day 3.

    Bantam Cochin, day 2

    Bantam Cochin, day 3

    The chicks, under 1 week old. Sorry for the bad photos, it's hard to take pics of chicks under a red heat lamp, so we had to take them out and put them in a shoebox.
  2. Cute, be careful they are addicting

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