Pictures of Ice and Crystal today


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Aug 15, 2009
Schuylkill County, Pa
Just took some picture of Ice and Crystal today. I wanted to get one of Ice displaying but he was camera shy and stopped displaying when he saw the camera.


Thank You, They are India Blue Peafowl. This is Ice's first long train. I love how the sun makes his train look all different colors. Some times it is all blues and greens and at other times there is a lot of bronze in it. It just depends on how the sun hits it.
Beautiful birds! I love the pics. You see alot of "display" photos but hardly ever GREAT "relaxed photos" But we want to see the display photo too when ya get one
Thanks everyone. Ice was busy preening himself in the photos. I thought his looked different with his train fanned out like that on the ground and the sun shining on him. It really brought the colors out.

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