Pictures of molting??

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  1. I keep reading about molting, and there being lots of feathers in the coop then. About 2 months or so ago, we had feathers everywhere. The entire coop flooring was covered in feathers. However, none of the chickens looked like they had lost feathers. They were just as fuzzy butts as ever. Was that a molt? Do they have bare areas when they molt? Or will it be like a dog shedding, and new feathers come in so fast that you don't actually see bare spots? I'm really curious about this, as mine actually started laying during all those feathers!! I thought they were just losing their teenage feathers for adults ones.

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    I would like to see pictures also , the 5 leghorns i rescued now have alot of feathers all over the coop and i would like to know if they are molting or just taking their feathers out
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