Pictures of my Cochin Flock and My new Peacock

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    May 4, 2008
    Well guys I was out in the chicken yard a feedin and I got the urge to take more pictures!! My little cochins always love the attention! One of my red roos sit on my back and snuffled my hair and got dirt chicken tracks on my back LOL then he hopped off and was being a pest pecking my fingers and cam and getting in front of it and standing stock still so close I couldnt see anything. Can we say Spoiled? I think my new peacock is gonna be the same!!
    What type of peacock and color do I have by the way ? I guess I need to go to the peafowl section! I keep my colors seperate through the early spring and summer and early fall but now its winter time i have combined my coops and houses of colors into two houses. My BBS and Buff and Red and and Birchen and blue into one house
    and Babies into another which contains black and buff and red and barred and gold laced and blue. This is the first house mentioned of my adult breeders and a couple of early 09 babies.
    Birchen Hen
    Birchen Hen again and scooting around
    Starla again [​IMG]
    Heres one of two red boys hes named Elmo and hes also the boy pestering me!

    Heres my Buff boy Gold Digger Hes a 09 boy but from march and my girls are july hatch 09 so they aren't with him yet.
    Splash pair
    Splash roo
    Peacock boy Skittles with one of my game roos in the BG attemping to take a swing at poor skittles who is scared of them!
    Another Flashy game roo
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    Tab, Indiana
    Your birds are beautiful. I love the colors on your peacock! I wish I knew something about peacocks to tell you what color he actually is. But he is adorable! And it looks like he is interested in the camera. I have several birds that get right in my face too when I go out with the camera. My Sebright roos in particular, though my little Bantam Barred hen and my Cuckoo Maran roo follow me around and pose too, lol. My ducks head the opposite direction of the camera though. I wish I could walk up on them and get a really good picture of more than just their rear ends as they waddle as fast they can away from me!
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    Very nice~

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