Pictures of my guineas


12 Years
Aug 11, 2007
Just some random pictures of our guineas we have 11 at the moment, 6males and 5 females ( I think, its hard to tell sometimes when they are all in a group who is making what noise!) They are Royal purple, Coral Blue and Opaline, so far even when they cross, keets come out only one of those three colors, though I have heard they sometimes come up with new colors, or pied, so I am hoping for something different this year. Last year our three hens hatched out 7 batches of keets, which we still had a waiting list for, so we are looking forward to them starting to lay again. We live in Iowa, anyone else around here have guineas? Are yours laying yet?

Pair of Coral Blues

Coral Blue and Opaline Guineas with our Black lab Apollo in the back ground.

Royal Purple (I think its a boy, but have no real proof of that other then I have never heard it buckwheat)

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