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12 Years
Jul 9, 2007
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I've only had her a few months. I rode her a few times before the winter rains came, but I fell off one day when she spooked. I rode her the rest of the way home, but I didn't ride her all winter and now she is being skittish about me getting on. I've been working with getting the saddle on and she stands there now for that. She had only 30 days training last summer, no trail experience, so she is very very green. Well, since I am a grandma now, and haven't ridden much at all for several years, I am going to get help and send her to a trainer to work out the bugs for me. She is a really nice quarter horse. And that will be safer for me, not so young anymore to be handling the green ones! hee hee


11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
What a pretty gal! I understand about not wanting to deal with the green ones as we get older. Now a days I'm perfectly happy riding the gaited, smaller, older, been there, done that horses.
In my younger days I rode my flashy arab mare that could run like the wind. With all of my aches and pains I'm happy to just be pokey and enjoy the

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