Pictures of my injured girl. Please help.

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  1. I went out this morning to clean the coop (my daughter had let them out of the coop before she left for school). Dixie is at the top of the pecking order (3 Buff Orpingtons total). Here is what I encountered when I went out there.


    My girls have never been sick or injured (they will be one year old next month). They were not free ranging so this happened at the beak of one or both of the others. What should I do? Is it okay to put Neosporin on it? How can I keep her sisters from pecking her more as I know chickens will do when they see blood? Thank you in advance!

    Very Worried Mama

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    You can put neosporin on it (the kind without without pain reliever). You could use Blue Kote or Rooster Booster No Pick (something) to discourage pecking. But you might want to clean off any blood and separate her for a little bit until it starts to heal.
  3. How far in did it go?
  4. I just talked to Tractor Supply. They told me that Blue Kote would attract the other chickens to the spot. I am unable to separate her from the others. I only have 3 hens and don't have an additional coop or run. She suggested putting unpasteurized honey on the wound (it's a natural antibacterial agent). She then said to put dry oatmeal on top of that. She said the oatmeal will hide the redness and the other will leave it alone. Any thoughts??
  5. I'm not sure how deep it is. I'll go check now.
  6. ok! i hope she will be ok, I follow your blog, so i see how special they all are to you!
  7. Okay, I went out with some warm water and baby shampoo. I cleaned up the blood. There isn't a deep wound or anything. I was thinking about the Tractor Supply recommendation and think it sounds ludicrous. I think the others will completely go after the honey covered with rolled oats because it smells and tastes good. I put some Neosporin on it, and will keep a close eye on it. I wish I could separate her for healing, but in case they don't leave it alone (or if she is her own culprit, do you have any suggestions on covering it)?

  8. I went out and observed the girls. Dixie herself and the three girls are all picking at it. I put some band aids on it to cover it but it didn't stick. So I got some surgical tape and stuck the band aid's on using that and they are all trying to get "it" off. I do have some pet wrap. Do you think this may be an option? Please help me chicken friends. I need to know what I can do to cover it so it doesn't get worse.
  9. i would separate her, i know you said you couldn't, but if you have even a box, just put her in a box with food and water for one or two days and she might recover...
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    I'd go with the blue kote. I don't know why TSC would tell you that it would encourage pecking. Everything I've ever heard and read, it deters pecking.

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