Pictures of my Muscovy and Call ducks!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bossynbella, Aug 8, 2009.

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    Just wanted to share some pretty pictures of our ducks. We have had the muscovys for 3 weeks now. The call ducks we hatched out ourselves. They are 5 weeks old or 6 I think.

    Elliot Our Chocolate Pied Ripple Muscovy Drake

    Piper is a Chocolate Pied Muscovy Duck

    Gypsy is a Blue Ripple Chocolate Muscovy Duck

    Another picture of Gypsy and Our White Muscovy Duck Ellen.

    Three of the Four call ducks. From a white drake and a Grey drake over two snowy ducks. We had a hard time hatching these and hope the muscovys will do it for us next year. We had 4 out of 22 eggs hatch. Two others pipped but never made it out.

    We love our ducks. We also have a runner duck/Call duck cross we call Plucky and she is so noisy compared to the Muscovy's!

    Our grown calls are penned up because they kept taking off over the hill. When our White drake didn't come back. The ducks got penned. So far our muscovys, plucky and the baby calls don't stray far from home.
    Grendle the grey Drake and the girls with no names.
    The runner duck and White call drake both dissapeared over the hill.

    Thanks for looking
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    They are so pretty... I bet they're a lot of fun... [​IMG]
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    Adorable. [​IMG]
  4. i dont know how to add pictures on here.. but we have muscovies and call ducks on our website:


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