Pictures of my new bunnies. Warning Lots of pics

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    ou may remember my excitment over a 4 hour one way drive I was going to make to Ill. to meet a Mini lop breeder and pick up some new stock. Well I have them home now, and finally have some pictures of them. None of them are perfect, but the breeder was honest with me about their strengths and weaknesses, and I definitely improved over what I had before (as some of you may remember). The pedigrees on these guys are amazing, parents, grandparents and great grand parents with anywhere from 3 to 15 legs! Many are grand champions.
    The breeder was amazing, so helpful, showed me a lot while I was there and I am in awe of their set up. With close to 100 rabbits they still know their rabbits, They could rattle off ear numbers like I know the names of mine. They know their rabbits, both the good and the bad of them all. Their rabbitry was very clean, all the rabbits very well cared for, it made me feel good knowing my rabbits where coming from them.

    My favorite is Schmidt's CT16. He is a broken smoke pearl buck. We named him Dixon after Dixon Ill. Where we spent the night after picking up the rabbits. He has an amazing crown, and a really nice round body, and wide head. It is hard to see how good his body is in these pictures, because as soon as I would get him posed and pick up the camera he would move to see what I was doing. I could just carry this rabbit around all the time, and I don't think he would mind one bit. He has been shown twice before I got him, placing 4 out of 10 at the Peoria show on the 19th. I will be showing him this Sunday (the 4th) at Maquoketa IA.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    This one shows his color,and his amazing crown, but not his conformation as he is moving in the picture

    AK Woehl's KA483 is the other buck I got. He is also a real charmer. He is a young guy. Born at the end of November. He is a broken blue chinchilla buck. He is little still, but has a nice crown that sits on top of his head, and I think he has a nice round body, though he needs to fill out a bit. I think I will be taking him to show at Maquoketa on the 4th.
    He is pulling back in this one, but its the best side picture I have of him.

    My favorite of the three does is AK Woehl's Ka 384. She is a broken black doe, that although doesn't have the high amazing crown of the bucks has an amazing body. She is a nice doe and set up nice all on her own for her pictures. The breeder let me choose a buck to breed her to and I picked Schmidt's SM4. A chestnut agouti buck with an amazing crown, head and body.( he also has 8 legs)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I am also really liking Schmidt's CT10. Born 9-5-11She is a gold tipped steel with a awesome head and crown, she is a bit lacking in her hips (not sure how she explained it to me, but I am sure you can tell in the pictures, she tucks in a bit where it would otherwise be fuller) She was my extra purchase I had not planned to get her, but when I saw her I changed my mind. She has also been shown and took 2 out of 12 at the Peoria show. They also let me pick a buck to breed her to. I picked Schmidt's C22 a nice broken chinchilla buck with a really nice body.

    My favorite color is Opal. That is why I like Schmidt's CT7. Born 9-22-11. She is a "corner sitter" as her breeder calls her. She will make you reach all the way in to get a hold of her, doesn't come up to the door like the others, but once you get her out she will let you do whatever you want to her. She has a wide head, a good body. I almost passed on her because of her crown, but I looked at her parents, and grand parents and they all have an amazing crown so I went for it. I will be showing her at Maquoketa on the 4th, if I can get her shedding under control by then. The breeder I got her from will be at the show, and is bringing their best solid buck which we will breed with her, (she will be almost six months by then)

    The last doe I got is a young REW. She is a really nice looking doe for only being about 8 weeks old. She was born on December 27th, and they gave her to me, as they felt it was to early to tell how good she would be, she said if I wanted her I could have her. They kept her full sister ( ended up with 5 REW in one litter!) Only REW in pedigree is a great grand parent!

    Let me know what you think. I am so excited for the show this weekend, and for the babies due on March22nd, of course these will both be first time moms, so I am trying not to get to excited.
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    Gorgeous rabbits! May I ask why when taking pictures of rabbits, people place their hands over their head/face?
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    by doing so you set up the rabbits body as well as show the crown of the rabbit
    Gorgeous rabbits btw.
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    (Forgive me - Arba judge typing :p )

    All the rabbits look good. Remember - head/ears/crown are worth a TON of points. So far the body type looks good. I've seen a lot of mini lops lately peaking too early and it's spoiling their hindquarters.

    The broken black doe you love though looks flabby and loose in flesh around the shoulders. That will cut her a lot on the show table. Just use her for brood, in my opinion.

    Also: I'm glad you got nice stock but remember grand champion and leg status can be absolutely worthless for example:

    I judged a class of 15 Chocolate Sr. Bucks in Dutch. All of them were absolutely terrible. I had to pick the least disgusting one. And by terrible I mean I would have culled every last one of them. But you know what...the first place one got a leg. Just two more shows, and being voted least terrible (not good...just least terrible) and he'll be a grand champion.

    Luckily with Mini Lops being shown in Solids/Brokens only it eliminates that issue to a certain extent. They in theory have to be better than least terrible to get a leg since there's really only 4 total to get per show in Mini Lops. However, it's just food for thought should you get another breed.

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