Pictures of some of my girls and maybe a rooster.

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  1. So I have a couple of pictures of some of the girls so here ya go.
    This is Annalise she's the lead hen. Shes the one that always chases after the pullets when I set them after they have made so much noise. She just loves to get 'em. We got her as she was a year old and we have had her for a month now.


    Then this is Boba
    . I caught her in a funny mood. Usually she will just run from me. only a couple times I have bin able to hold her. She is also another one who we just got a month ago.


    This is Nadine. We have had her since a chick. She is a black sex link and she just loves the camera.


    This is one of the white gurls. I am not sure which one they are so hard to tell apart. She's a leghorn and Dang does she run fast.


    This is the one me and a couple others think is a rooster. It's combs and wattle are a lot redder then the others and it's also so much skinnier. What do u think??

  2. SpottedCrow

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    I'm not sure that the last one's a cockerel...
    The girls are beautiful!
    I'm amazed that your Leghorns have brown eyes when the both of mine had orange...[​IMG]
  3. Quote:HUH?? All of myne have brown eyes. and I have 5...thats wierd ur have orange?
  4. CarriBrown

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    Very pretty. Nadine cracks me up! [​IMG]

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