Pictures of white silkie rooster and buff silkie hens offspring?

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Silent Silkie, Aug 1, 2016.

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    I'm thinking about breeding my silkies. Probably my white rooster to my buff hen. There's been some helpful threads on here about it and the types of results and such you can get out of it. However, no one has posted pictures!

    So I'm wondering if anyone has pictures from breeding their chickens like this, and if so if you could share! I know mine may not look anything like anyone else's, but I'm really curious.

  2. QueenMisha

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    Just google "photos of Silkies." You'll see a good half dozen different varieties and then some. The offspring could be any one of those or a mix thereof.

    Here's how the white gene works. Imagine a room; you turn the light off in the room, and you can no longer see the room or anything in it. However, the room is still there. The white gene turns pigment off in the bird's plumage; however, the genetics for those colors are still there. White can hide any and all colors.

    There is both a recessive and a dominant white gene, and both work this way. The white in Silkies is recessive, meaning a White Silkie will only produce White offspring if bred to another White Silkie or a white split. When a White breeds with a non-white, you'll get the result of the non-white's coloring crossed with the hidden coloring of the white. To use your birds as an example; let's say your white is hiding Black. Well, offspring would be the result of Buff X Black, which comes out in a really pretty half and half black and buff coloration. Again, your White could be hiding any color - black is just one example and possibility.
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    you could also post on the "Silkie thread," to see if anyone else has done a similar cross & has photos.
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    The answer QueenMisha gave is the same one you'd receive on the Silkie thread. Knowing what genetics the white is hiding is nearly impossible, unless you breed it yourself and know which birds were used in making it. Even then, it could still hide other color genetics. The best general answer for this question is breed them and see what you get, it'll give you some!e indication as to what's hiding under the recessive white. I'm sure they'll be adorable either way :)
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    Thanks, that's what I've been checking out. Great explanation as well!
  7. Silent Silkie

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    Jul 29, 2016
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    Yeah, I bet they will be!

    Thanks for all the information everyone! I'm still learning where to post what. [​IMG]

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