Pictures of your hatches this year....

Will do, after they've hatched though!!!!
C&Rman :

Haha, thats a cute name to call them!!! How many did you hatch?

Well.....there were 3 out of 4 that my silkie hatched, she kicked the 4th egg out and i almost threww it away, it sat on my kitchen counter for nearly 12 hours and i checked it once more to be sure, and it moved. So...I personally hatched 1 and she hatched the other 3. Sadly when the other 3 were 2 days old, something got in my pen and killed the silkie and 2 of the chicks, the black one managed to escape and hide under the nest box and survived. So we have 2 chicken nuggets when we used to have a 4 piece.​
Heres just a couple

I have 15 so far, 3 with one hen, 2 with another, and ten in the house in a brooder, one trying

to hatch, and fixin' to pack the incubator full again!

This guy here was my baby. The hen quit setting after she got some chicks, I opened the remaining eggs,

and found this sweet heart and his siblings were still alive, so I shoved them in the 'bator and hoped for

the best. After 24 hours, they were slowly dying, so I helped him out, his siblings died, and he was the

only one he survived. His legs were splayed, so I put a splint on him and let him dry off. We were all sertain

he was going to die when we watched him make his way around the brooder, not being able to stand. I hand

fed him all week offering water and boiled egg yolk every 30 minutes to an hour. The last two days he was

eating like a pig, by himself, and drinking on his own. He could stand, and was trying to walk. I took a nap

that day, and woke up to my poor little chick, not alive. Somone let the dog in the room, and I guess you know

what happened. His neck looked broken, and he was just totally messed up. I swear I don't belive I've ever

loved a chicken so much, just by that ONE week. I cried my eyes out, but ofcoarse, everything happens for

a reason... here he is about 7-8 hours after being out of the shell -

here he is in the brooder next to the other 10 chicks. He had 'company' by them being beside him.

After a few days I started giving him play dates with the most gentle

chicks I had, and they tought him how to eat starter feed.

I guess he lived a fairly happy week, but I still cry when I think of how scared my baby must have been
when the dog come in, and I wasn't there..

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