Pictures of your Ideal or other Hatchery Chickens

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    I was reading a lot on the show quality vs hatchery chicks and thougth it would be great to see some pictures of the hatchery chickens from MM or Ideal to see how close they measure up to the breed standard. [​IMG]

    I must confess to my motive is I will be ordering some hatchery chicks this spring so I want to choose the best hatchery that has the best looking birds. After I get a small inital flock I plan to hatch some eggs (you all are a bad influence here [​IMG]) for some more intresting breeds.

    So please help some of us newbies out and post your pics of your birds so can check them out and what hatchery they came from and thus help us pick the best breeds from the best hatchery.


    Barb [​IMG]
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    Apr 16, 2007
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    Mar 28, 2007
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    Here is Cornelius, A red Pyle Modern Game Bantam from Ideal


    Merryweather, A Blue Andalusian from Murray


    Audrey, a Black Tailed White Japanese Bantam from Murray


    Tallulah a Black Silkie from Murray


    Dolly a Buff Laced Polish from Murray

  4. SisterFlash

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    Wow great looking birds. Keep the pictures coming.

    All chick pictures are cute so it is nice to see how the adults from hatchery's turn out. I will hatch some eggs but I am worried about becoming over chickened. [​IMG]

    Barb [​IMG]

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