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    Jun 18, 2007
    I was hoping you might look at making a picture section. Not a column. Put it up where profile, messages, recent posts are....

    After you click it you would have a page pop up with some random pictures and a list of names of breeds members have sent pictures in. You could also throw in a odd catagory for the unknown birds or bird/pet and bird/people photos. If you could comment under the photos that would be awesome.

    So someone goes to the page and clicks Barred Rock. The barred rock page opens, with general info and the pictures members on BYC have donated. You could have a general picture next to the name on the Picture Page.

    It would be a GREAT help to people trying to figure out what type of new bird they would like and those trying to figure out what they have.

    Im not trying to attack feathersite. I just love this site and want to see it grow and get better. Some general information on each breed would be nice. I would volunteer time to help with this project. No I dont want to be a mod I just want a custom title hehehe

    A contest to get titles would be cool to.

    Thanks for listening err reading!

    Love the Bubba

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