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    Sep 6, 2014

    Gary Margolis
    December 16 at 9:45am ·

    How to Lay a Blue Egg
    My neighbor keeps a radio on
    in his chicken coop.
    He wants the maybe-fox gone,
    the wandering perhaps-bobcat.
    Here, in Vermont, the possible-
    fisher cat.
    There aren’t any tracks,
    wire-snagged fur,
    feathers or bones around.
    I think he dreamt the birds
    are more content listening
    to the morning farm report,
    the news they can’t understand.
    And before noon, Mozart,
    I can tell by how they waltz
    and twirl in the snow.
    In May, the minuet they do.
    I could be kidding you
    if I didn’t see for myself
    the blue eggs they lay
    late in the afternoon,
    listening to National Public Radio,
    the world-expanding interviews.
    Before my neighbor returns
    to turn it off, to lock the chickens
    in their dark house, so he can go back
    inside, believing that wasn’t a shadow
    of a fox he saw, a bobcat’s broken tail,
    the track of twilight’s unannounced
    fisher cat.
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    Your post has me considering many things... chickens listening to NPR, the subtle color variations of chicken plumage and the mysterious risks to chickens lurking outside.
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    Sep 6, 2014
    A dear friend wrote this poem for me.. Which got me to thinking about peaceful music but maybe that's going to too far. Ha.

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