Pied GUNIEA FOWL?? Who has some??


10 Years
Mar 15, 2009
Northern Indiana
I am looking for some Pied Guinea for my daughter for show in 4-H...we have always and still have lavenders. But this year she came across pictures of PIED Guineas..they are all black solid with big white splotches on them...

We are looking for adults or young adults?? Would anyone know where to buy theses. I called a hatchery who sells eggs and babies and they told me they are very common?? And since I live in the state of Indiana with all our swap meets I should be able to find them at one of those...I have never in my life seen thses type of Guineas at swap meets before...If any one has any leads.. We will be going to the Lucasville Ohio swap in April if anyone knows of anything..let me know please

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