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    I got a call on Monday while I was working out of town and my wife was camping. It was a friend of mine who said that his brother just drove by my house and saw my black and white pig running down the road. My first reaction was to tell him to shoot it, but he asked if anyone was around that could get it in and I told him I would call my parents and find out if they would go try to put it up. By the way, they have almost no experience in handling livestock and live in the next town. In the meantime, I got a call back from my friend and he told me that three of my neighbors, his brother, and the kid that we hired to feed the animals (I have no idea how they found out who he was) all got together, caught the pig and fixed the fence.

    I guess I owe a lot of people free eggs. I am glad for great neighbors and friends, but really embarrassed the pig got out in the first place. I don't think we'll be raising another pig. I'll stick to butcher hogs from now on.


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    It is wonderful to have friends and neighbors like that. I wouldn't live in the city again for nothin!

    had the same experience a few weeks back, only with cows.
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    Quote:[​IMG] I can't even count the number of times this has happened to me with cows when we lived on DW's grandpa's ranch. The biggest problem with the pig is that I live about two doors down from being "in town" at my new house.
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    I'm going out this morning to measure the pig and see if it is big enough to butcher soon so I can set an appointment with the mobile butcher. I just need to find the formula on here.
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    One thing I have learned about pigs is they are exceptionally fast! They have a great sense of smell. It is almost impossible to catch a baby pig! It takes a lot of hard work to catch baby pigs once they get out! Sometimes domestic pigs escape and turn feral. I would think most domestic pigs would soon come back to where the feeding source is, as they are pretty smart.
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    i dont think its a matter of if your pig gets out but when. They are actually kind of smart and if they want to get out, mix that with the muscle and there they go. my dad used to chase them around while theres me, bent down oinking and they walk right up to me, I think they were curious why i sounded like a pig but didnt look like one. [​IMG] what awesome neighbors to round him up for you, sounds like he likes animals.
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    Quote:The trouble with this pig is that it is no longer small. It's about 150 pounds which makes it really obnoxious for my neighbors' I would think anyway because it would bother me if it happened repeatedly, which fortunately it hasn't.....yet.
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    Quote:Yes they are very smart. This pig will follow you to the end of the earth if you have food for it though. The really cool thing is that it was a group of neighbors and not just one who got this pig in for us. I need to go talk to them about it today.
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have a mare who should be renamed Houdini. Now every gate on our place has to be chained and locked.
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    Pics added on first post.

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