Pigeon Breast?

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    May 27, 2013
    A judge at a 4-H show said that pigeon breast is when the breast do not develop and the keel bone is very sharp with hardly any meat on it. She said birds that are free ranged have a tendency toward pigeon breast. We had one rooster at the show she marked down for this though he was healthy otherwize.

    My question is two fold:
    1. Has anyone ever heard of this before? and
    2. New birds I bought from a very crowded and unorganized facility have more pigeon breast that the first flock we raised. Could this be caused by a disease or genetic deformity. We lost one of the birds because she just wouldn't put on weight even though she ate well and there is always plenty of food.

    Side note: lesson learned: Only buy healthy birds and inspect them very well before letting the kids talk you into so many! :)

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