Pigeon Emergency


7 Years
Feb 27, 2012
I recently found a pigeon that was suffering from a head wound so I took it home to try to nurse it back to health. The problem is that one of his eyes is swollen shut and he has a wound at the top of his skull pulsing with maggots. I was going to try iodine but wanted your opinions, Thanks!
no iodine it will hurt it's eyes, wash the area out with warm water, pick the maggots out if you can, once it's clean get some neosporin and coat the area, it will need eye ointment if the eye itself is injured.
I washed the eye out with salene, and picked out the maggots I could see. They were very small and I believe they were only a day old because I think I saw the eggs yesterday. After rinsing a few more times I generously applied some Neosporine and all appeared well. I'll follow up with that eye ointment idea. He also drank some water out of a syringe. Thanks a ton!
YOU ARE A SAINT i wish there were more people like you that would be so nice as to help a birdie in need!!
Thanks but anyone here would do it! Unfortunately he's not out of the woods yet, I was wondering if the Neosporine would kill any maggots I missed? Thanks again!
Unfortunately, The sore is back and it looks the same as it did yesterday before we removed the maggots. I really need help on this one please.
His head started bleeding badly su I applied neosporine and now I'm going to try and remove more maggots.
At this point it looks like he may be too far gone, How would you guys recommend euthanizing him. Don't know if I should use something like chlorophyll or run him over very quickly(sorry if that sounds harsh). All help greatly appreciated.

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