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    Nov 16, 2013
    what should I feed my pigeons? everyone I know that raises them uses cracked corn but that doesn't seem too healthy just using that alone.. I cant spend a great deal of money but I would like to know what my options are? (scratch)maybe? there are no feed stores anywhere near me that sells a pigeon specific feed also. so I could use some help with this.thanks
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    Are they racing pigeons or fancy pigeons? If you want to race them, then they need a more complicated diet.

    If they are just for pets then feeding them is easy!

    Pigeons can eat just about anything.....even doing well on just the cracked corn (only if they are allowed to free range to find other foods they need themselves. However, to get them to thrive, and produce healthy strong offspring they need a little more attention........

    I feed my pet pigeons on chicken scratch with some chicken layer pellets mixed in. I add some dry green peas to the mix (I buy theses from the supermarket).

    They also need grit to digest their food properly.

    If you have a pet shop you can buy crushed oyster shells, which are very good for calcium. They will also eat crushed up egg shells.

    Add a bowl of chick starter crumbs when they are breeding as its got lots of protein for growing chicks.

    The layer pellets are great for calcium (which is lacking in the seed diet).

    Mine also LOVE unsalted peanuts. They go crazy for them. Use theses as a treat to get the birds tame, and get them to come back into the coop when you call them. They are also good in winter as they have lots of calories in them. Make sure they are fresh as they can be toxic if they go bad.

    Allow the birds to free fly and they will also find wild seeds, grit, and minerals themselves around the yard. They are clever at getting what they need.

    Many people say they will eat vegetables, but mine NEVER eat them, even through they see the chickens eating fresh corn and cabbage leaves.

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