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    Help please! I have this baby pigeon we named Hercules that I love so much...he is deformed in more ways than just one and we'd like to do everything we can for him because he is the cutest, most lovable little thing we have ever known...he gives hugs, kisses, and loves to snuggle..he has something wtong with his hips that make his legs deformed so much so that he always walks backwards...how can we help our little baby? PLEASE!
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    Take him to a vet for them to see what the problems are exactly and how to treat them. If he is young and still growing there are often things what can be done to fix deformed legs and hips.
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    I agree!:)
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    One condition some pigeons are born with is called Splayed Leg the quicker the condition is seen to the better chance of a positive result.

    It seems to affect the cartilage or connecting tissue in one hip especially. Binding one leg to the other (as shown in the video) allows the cartilage to contract and in most cases elevate the problem.

    I personally solved the deformty with 2 small zip ties around each ankle of the squab and a small elastic band connecting both ties.

    "I have left the elastic band on in one case into adulthood".

    I had this condition happen to me twice with positive results in treatment with my pigeon flock.

    Slippery nest bowls or areas that have little
    traction is thought to contribute to this deformity.

    Some fanciers when this condition is apparent assume it is a genetic condition and separate the pair and choose different partners for them.

    Times when the condition can not be corrected the squab is usually culled (the video shows the condition in a day old chick it also happens with pigeon squabs as well).

    "Leave the elastic on for week(s) before you remove it."

    Check out the links:

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