Pigeon with gash in neck ~ Caught. Pics addded **Warning.. Graphic**

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  1. Hi all, sorry if its the wrong section but

    I own 3 rock pigeons. They are living in the chicken coop currently, but one escaped. I was going to catch her last night but she wasn't at the usual roosting spot, so I had no way to catch her. WELL I planned on catching her tonight but I NEED to catch her NOW.

    I saw her flying around and she has a gash in her neck. I'm guessing raven, we have one around our house. I'd be mad at him but he prevented a hawk from coming and moving in - which would've killed her, and our chickens. So its kinda hard to be mad at him since a hawk would do much much worse. Anyways I NEED to catch her but all I have is a net.... Help?!?! I'm trying to bait her into their roosting spot because its covered and if she goes in I can catch her easily, but shes not going in. If I have to, I can grab one of the other pigeons and put them in the cat carrier then in the roosting spot in hopes she'll come, but its -40F outside (yes, -40, why do you think I'm panicking??) and I don't want another pigeon out there... Help??
  2. CAUGHT HER!!!!

    Its worse then I thought.. The blood was frozen but its melting... She currently in a incubator box (I put holes for air, don't worry). Please help! I want to see her fly off in the Creamers Field pigeon flock this summer... Not die in a box!


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