Pigeon wont fly, laying on the bottom of the floor

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    Oct 24, 2016
    I have a homing pigeon and she was doing very well. Till one day it got very windy outside and the pigeon loft tipped over. All the other pigeons were fine and she looked fine too, she had just looked a little scared thats all. But still was flying well. But then a couple days passed and shes started getting puffed up and was shaking her wings as if shivering. She fly down the the floor of the loft and just stays on the floor in a corner. She cant fly, she will jump and try to fly but cant. She walks and runs fine. And she eats and drinks water very well. I was listening to her breathing and feeling her body and everything seems fine. Until i got to her crop/neck area, i feel a lump stick out, its about an half an inch big. Im not sure what it is. Please help.
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    Dec 6, 2012
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    Sounds like she is going from BAD TO WORSE. From what you are saying she is going to die if you do not do something quick. I think you got nothing to loose at this point. I would open the lump and do some exploratory surgery before it is too late. It may be a membrane tear of some sort of inflammation. Wishing you the best back yard buddy. I have used CRAZY GLUE to close some incisions other times use "WHITE" thread is the BEST if the glue is not practical.
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