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8 Years
Feb 14, 2011
Round O, SC
So, my Harley, is a 50-60lb pb piggy and an absolute doll (to me - not so much DH, he thinks he out-ranks him
talk about hystarical!) I like to mix up his feed and was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to something new for my (kinda) little guy? He loves cracked corn and rolled oats mixed in, but I haven't ventured farther than that yet (not to mention I mix them in 100lb batches, so the batch lasts a while) -- anyone!?

And sweet feed is certainly out - he gets fruit every once in a while to cure his sweet tooth - mixed in his feed would be much too much
I am sure you know you don't want an over weight pb pig. It is hard for them and will just cause health problems. I am sure you know they are not meat pigs either so you don't want them gaining weight.

When I raise my pigs (meat pigs) they ate anything and everything I through in their pen. bread and milk was a favorite, yogurt was another favorite, alfalfa, fruits and veggies, sweet grain just a little once in a while I gave, mostly gave grower and cracked corn mixed about 50/50 and alfalfa every other day, they love all kinds of grains, wheat but soak them they swell and only give a small amount, all kinds of screening-pea, wheat, barley, etc. I have also gave my pigs cake and ice cream they love it.

I am pretty sure pb pigs will like pretty much everything but like I mentioned in moderation of course.

I know someone was giving their pb pig popsicle and they loved them.....they came snorting for them as soon as they heard the freezer open.

I have heard people give their pigs meat and chocolate too....but I don't and I don't recommend it.

Good luck!
I am completely aware of over weight piggies, thank you
Mine doesn't get that option - I like to spoil, but not in the light that it will cause an issue with his health.

He's very good at mantaining a constant weight. I adjust his food in accordance to the season (ie. he gets more treats like popsicles, fruits & veggies in the spring and summer, and gets grazing/rooting time, so he gets a little less feed - more in winter because there is a lack of these things) I just like to add dry goodies to his normal feed for a little extra treat - not too much that it causes weight gain, but not little enough that he doesn't notice and it's a waste

And I totally agree, I would never advise someone to give their piggy meat, meat. But he sure does love looking for poor little buggies in the dirt

Chocolate and cake are surely out! - he's a nut, if he gets a little extra fruit than normal he runs around the yard like a little mad man because of the sugar rush
My poor dog gets a run for his money when the pig man is hyper!
Ours likes cheerios, marshmellows, LOVES DORITOES, umm basically about anything that get's dropped on the floor....
ohh and her frozen veggies of course! (peas and corn mainly)
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Thanks apdan, mine is certainly on the same page with yours on that one

Looking more for some dry feed that I can add with his regular feed versus actual treats... believe me, he gets enough of those!

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