Pigment spots inside the egg?

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    Mar 11, 2010

    Being fairly new to this chicken thing, I had a question. Now that one of my chickens has started to lay. I threw away her first egg, since it had a hole in it, but the next 4 she laid I cooked last Sunday. There were round dark brown spots inside the eggs, on the white of the egg. I picked them out, and they are the exact color of the pigment on the outside (in other words, not blood, but a dark brown). Has anyone ever had this happen? When I rubbed one of the spots between my fingers, it broke up easily into a grainy sort of consistency. There were 1-2 in each egg, about the size of the head of a pin, the hen is a Black Copper Marans, and she is 20 weeks old.

    We ate the eggs. They were delicious:)!

    On a side note, the eggs are a pretty dark brown, but her second egg was perfectly round and very small, but the color of a dark coffee bean. I was very excited, but the next 5 have been the dark brown color. Will she ever lay an egg that dark again? It was mostly white inside, with just the beginnings of a yolk- I did save the shell, and took pics but can't figure out how to upload them.

    Thanks in advance- I so appreciate all the great info on this forum, it has made the difference in my hobby being a success so far! Laura

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    The small eggs are called wind eggs or egg farts. They are just flukes in the plumbing and rarely happen if all is well. The spots are called meat spots. Here's a link to my favorite egg quality page that will explain several problems related to egg quality including meat spots.


    Good luck. Enjoy those fresh eggs!

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