Pigs water in winter


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Jul 15, 2019
I got pen made and nice shelter for them i want to raise couple feeder pigs currently i have 55 gal barrel with nipple water at bottom i live in Indiana so i no come January and February its going to get cold and snowy highs in the negatives some times any ideas how water pigs in winter with nipple.setup or is it a lost cause?
I have the same concerns about the nipple freezing. Luckily, I live in a climate where below freezing temps are typically short lived. The last 2 winters I have had pigs I just use a rubber pan and bust the ice out/refill it twice daily.

I know there are rabbit waterers available with heated nipples, but I have never looked for a larger nipple/container for hogs. Can you ask the local co-op or feed store what their customers use?

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