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    Ok so now i own two baby 8 week old pot belly piggies, They are adorable and piggy. I recently put one of my dogs baby pool in there . My dogs used to drink water out of it, so i put it in the pig pen and the pigs go in there little suckers pee and poo in there discusting though. so i rinsed it out and took it out the pen because everytime they go in the pool with clean drinking water id have to empty it from being so dirty between the dirt and their urine and poop. Any ideas. I have a drinking water recepticle that automatically fills up when its empty and they try to go in it and bath. but its too small for them to go in haha. anyway thanks .


    http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii311/shtfmilitia/OURGARDEN084.jpg Piggies we got recently they are about to be 9 weeks on thursday

    this is the other chicken ive got..

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    That is very normal Piggy behavior......let them play! I have and large kitty litter box (smaller than a pool but big enough for them to wade in) I fill in the am, rinse and refill in afternoon, then I dump it and let dry out overnight.
    He has another source of drinking water that he can't get into.
    I would do the same for your guys, and just keep a separate source of drinking water for them and the dogs.
    Congrats and love your piggies!!!!
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    The pigs that I have known in the past drink out of a device that resembles a giant hampster bottle-it is a plastic tube with a drinking device on the end. Pigs are very smart and it usually takes them no time to learn certain things. This way you just have to fill the tube with water and they drink from the device. Most people I know have a mud hole for their pigs(I am talking about regular standard market hogs). The mud serves a very important service as it keeps them cool as pigs can't sweat.
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    Pigs have no sweat glands so they need a mud hole to cool off and they will pee in it to disperse the amonia.
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    Go to a farm supply store and you can buy a device like a metal nipple that will fit on a bucket or barrel or plastic pipe that they can drink out of it. we use on a 6 inch plastic pipe for our dogs hooked up to our water line and it fresh cool water any time they want to drink.
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    I would let them have the pool for the hottest part of the day. They need water or mud to keep them cool.
    I know, mine go potty in the pool as soon as they get in, I think it's a pig thing, but they enjoy the water. I dump it and rinse it at night and refill it in the afternoon.
    They have a heavy container for drinking water.

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