Pilgrim Geese, egg and life update

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  1. I've had the two geese since Feb now. I'm thinking Greyfields is right, I don't have a fertile, nor mated pair and maybe Snowflake isn't a Pilgrim gander. I still don't know, they are seven years old now and three years in a row now, they've sat on eggs that did not hatch for their second owners nor I, the third owner. (Original owner passed of cancer after having them for three years.)

    Maybe Snowflake is a goosey girl but an Ebdem. Whatever they are, we are settling in with each other very nicely. I took their egg away yesterday since it was past due to hatch, I gave them an extra two weeks to make sure. Cleaned out the coop, tossed out the nest and bedding, filled w/nice clean bedding and placed a wire cage in there with two heat lamps and feed, water.

    I only got the first two American Buff goslings inside the cage in the coop and was getting the other two goslings when Grayzie forced her way thru the blocked bird door to get to the peeping noises! I turned around, midway to the house and went in the coop w/her. Snowflake was honking and pacing in the run. Grayzie tried her mighty-est to get thru the wire of the cage, hissing and agitated. I talked to her and she calmed down, so did Snowflake outside, told her I'd open the cage but if she hurt the babes, I was pulling her out, real quick!

    Snowflake poked his/her head in the bird door, watching. I opened the cage, Grayzie stepped in, talking softly to the two goslings...

    Snowflake came in quietly, and just like that, a family was reunited:p Not biological parents and siblings, but this morning, (and yes, I was out there looking thru the windows, many times until 1:30am last night just to make sure all was as it appeared) the goslings are nestled in under Grayzie's wing, tasting her feathers so she's going to be showing the well worn signs of a proud mother goose:D

    I forgot my camera at work yesterday because I just got the goslings yesterday at 10:30 am and the box of 10 chicks were all expired from the cold- five were Blue Lace Red Wyandotte banty chicks and five were Gold Lace Standard Wyandottes:(

    Two bodies were still limp instead of stiff like the other eight so I poked their heads in my mouth often to try getting them to breathe while massaging their back and chest until they yawned or gasped for breath and their hearts began beating. I got them warmed up next to my skin, began dipping their beaks in the water often and they slept so much I wondered if they'd make it thru the night.

    One of each has survived the night, the banty having the hardest time of it. It is also very noisy if the GLW chick gets a bit too far away. Finally got the lil banty to start pecking around to eat. The GLW chick ate and pooped on my shirt last night as I was keeping it warm so I figured that lil girl would make it for sure.

    So the gosling and geese have had a perfect ending so far in their lives. I was so excited I called the previous owners and they drove over to share the family excitement. Grayzie and Snowflake quickly became very aggressive and scary geese!

    They allow me to come in and out of the coop with only hissing as they did w/their (rotten) eggs. But I can pick up their babes and I'll be keeping to the routine that I'm also one of their family;)

    I'm on the waiting list for next year, for Pilgrim goslings... (edited to include) Pics later today, am moving a small barn at 1pm first:)
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    I had the same thing happen . For 3 yerad my emden and china lay nest but never hatch any eggs (not fertile) . I moved my goling brooder into there barn whil e i was cleaning and my china hen ran to the brooder and starting honking and sticking her beak in . i let the goslings out and she ran over to them and adopted them . My ebden was a proud father as well . Even tuaght the goslings to fly . (they are canadian goslings)
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    Wow, what a nice story - except the unfortunate chicks, sorry abuot that.

    But i'm glad your geese have a chance to be parents - how sweet! [​IMG]
  4. Sorry, pics on delay a bit longer, found a dead fox in front of my RIR hen house and need to give it to someone to test for rabies...

    flying...I haven't even thought about the lil ones doing that yet! I'll take the gang to my cabin this summer where there is a pond to swim in while I build a small pond in town for them and they can graze down the grass, too. They can really spread their wings there this summer and maybe learn to fly there. I don't want to take any chances w/them in town though, even though the property is only one house from wide open country as there are loose dogs and fox who roam our neighborhood so the fenced areas will be double duty against predators.

    Got the barn moved, lots of work to do on it now! I decided w/the owner of the hatchery to file a claim w/the post office and then I can get reimbursed and Monday I should receive 10 meat chicks and 10 (Standard) Gold Lace Wyandottes to grow up w/my one and only chick. The Blue Lace Red Wyandotte Banty chick is doing well, finally!!! It thinks the GLW chick is its momma...snuggles under its wing:)

    I think I need to stick w/Standard breeds for a while, banties are so small...I hate being defeated before I've even begun the task! When I'm older and more experienced, I may try banties again and possibly live where its warmer or w/global warming...better take care of that fox carcass now.
  5. [​IMG]
    This morning the goslings were under their "parents" wings:) Grayzie nibbled my tennis shoe to warn me they were not my babes;) Pics taken standing next to them:)
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    That is great reading this morning about your parents. Really enjoyed the pictures. Take it geese love lettuce besides grazing.

    Finding a fox nearby no matter what is not fun. And very sorry tohear about your banties.

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    Awww - that is so awesome. They look so satisfied! I'm rootin for your bunch. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hi there,

    I was wondering how many eggs does a Pilgrim goose lay? We are planning to breed them but can not find any info on it.
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    Snowy, you've probably already been asked this in the past, but does your Pilgrim gander have grey under his wings? The easiest way to know whether you have an Embden or not is to look for the grey. If there isn't any grey then you probably have an Embden. If you do have grey then it could be a Pilgrim gander, a _female_ Pilgrim or a grey/white goose cross (which I -think- would make a female).

    I've read that every once in a while a Pilgrim will throw a white female due to the genetics. These shouldn't be used for breeding if you want Pilgrims. Having a female - either mutt or throwback white Pilgrim - makes more sense to me than an unmated pair if they've been together for years. Especially if they make a lot of noise when separated and happily raise a family together.

    To Canada Chick:

    Great to hear you're wanting Pilgrims. We need more breeders out there [​IMG]

    They can lay anywhere from 30-50 eggs a year depending on the strain you have. This is only if you don't let them go broody (which they love doing).
  10. Snowflake doesn't have any grey at all, pure white. They did both take turns sitting on the nest, so that would make sense to have to females. And, they do make a lot of noise when just out of sight of each other, like if one is in the barn and the other is just around the corner of the barn.

    Mine laid 17 eggs last February-March and were very broody the past three years. (I only got them this past winter, being the 3rd owner and they are 7-8 years old.)

    I just found out last week that Snowflake's original name was Goober and Grayzie's original name was Gustopher. The original flock were all eaten by their second owners except these two.

    Its been raining so much I need to get pics today before the rain starts again. Grayzie and Snowflake (especially Snowflake) are teaching the American Buff (now full size) goslings to flap their wings and keep their balance. I've got to give them more room and grazing, so they can achieve their rightful, prideful and full potential. I am also worried about poaching but want the absolute best I can give them as our summer and fall is so short and they will be contained long winters.

    I added 10 ducklings to their barn yesterday, separated. But they are very interested, esp the goslings, and warn me not to hurt "their" ducklings when I'm feeding and watering. They seem to have the "same language" so while we had a short hour of sunshine Saturday, I sat on the ground against the side of the barn next to the cage I had the ducklings in to sunbathe while the geese were all within arms length of where I sat. A peaceful and learning experience for us.

    Now the goslings are interacting w/me and the gander boy has begun honking to me when he sees me, a bit like he's strangling with his voice changing, but he's determined;) What are young adult goslings called? Geese? I still call them "the babies." I guess I should be calling them by names by now! I was waiting to see if I could tell if they were boys or girls and not wanting to try sexing them as I have no clue in that regard. Need some non-gender related names...

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