Pilgrim Geese from Metzer Farms

Discussion in 'Geese' started by azhenhouse, May 26, 2012.

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    I waited for a long time to get some Pilgrim Geese, and finally did this year. I absolutely love these geese. Their personalities are amazing, and they are very smart and curious. My boys learned the hard way that the yard must be kept up. No toys, tools, string, rope, etc. Our goose, Mayflower, had what I thought was a limb from a aspen tree hanging from her mouth. It was about twelve inches long but by the time my son got to her their was about four inches of rope, not tree, hanging out of her bill. My son started pulling it out and it just kept coming, and coming. Finally, it stopped and he couldn't pull it anymore...It was stuck! Luckily, I was able to get a hold of a vet tech at our veterinarians office, as she was leaving out the door, and she advised me that I needed to get it out. The tech stayed on the phone with me as I started to gently pull it out. Mayflower stopped breathing, and at that point the tech said to "yank it out", I did. It worked, and I pulled out FOUR FEET OF ROPE. I couldn't believe that the goose swallowed that much rope, and thank goodness the tech was there to talk me through the extraction. As you can see by the picture, Mayflower is doing very well. They were hatched at Metzer Farms on the weekend of April 14th., and are growing very rapidly.

    This is Mayflower, the rope eater.



    Their names are: Mayflower, Santa Maria, Columbus, and John Smith.
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    They are beautiful and what a story, so glad it came out great in the end..
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    Are you aware that the Mayflower is the only name that has to do with the Pilgrims.

    Whatever thought, they look awesome! Maybe I will get pilgrims next time.
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    Very pretty geese!
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    They are sweet looking. I love my pair of Pilgrims from Metzer.

    4 feet is a lot of rope! I'm glad Mayflower is fine. That reminds me - I should check around the gooses area for any loose twine, etc.
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    Cute names!! Love geese [​IMG]

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