Pilgrim Goose Gander in Southwest Michigan--SOLD

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    I have a single Pilgrim goose gander for sale. Asking $12. I have more ganders than I need. He is 11 months old and is very friendly. The only time he has hissed at me is when he was in with a goose who was laying and I took her eggs. Unfortunately, I have more males than I need so I either need to sell him or he is going to freezer camp.

    Pilgrim Geese are an American goose breed that is auto-sexing. This means the males and females are completely different colors from hatch all the way to adulthood. Male goslings are yellow with a grayish hue while females have darker down and skin. As they mature, males become white with blue eyes and females become gray with brown eyes. Males may show gray on the rump and females show white around the face.

    Pilgrim Geese were likely developed by Oscar Grow. His wife named them "Pilgrims" after the family relocated on a "pilgrimage" from Iowa to Missouri. They are a very friendly breed of geese. Ours never hiss unless they have a nest or goslings to protect.

    They make great ecofriendly lawnmowers! Ours graze the grass so well that we do not need to mow wherever they've been, yet, if given enough space, they leave the grass long enough that it does not harm it.
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