Pilgrim Goose hatching eggs

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    Oct 28, 2013
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    The geese are laying, and fertility checks have been positive. I currently have two trios of Pilgrim geese. One gander is from Metzer, one is from Brown Fox Farms. The geese are from Metzer, from a BYCer from Arkansas, and from a BYCer from Vermont. I have them separated into trios. I have five eggs available now (laid in the past two days), with several added daily. I brush off my eggs, but do not wash them.
    The price per egg is $8.00, plus $15.00 per order for priority shipping. I only ship Monday through Wednesday.

    As per usual - I will do everything possible to package the eggs to arrive in good condition, but I cannot guarantee what happens to the eggs from the time they leave me and get to you. Fertility has been excellent this spring, but again, some things are beyond my control.

    Please pm me with orders or any questions.

    Thanks, and happy springtime!

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