Pilgrim Goose Trio, Pick-Up only, NC

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    Breeding trio of Pilgrim Geese up for auction
    One goose and the gander are 3 years old and the other goose is 2 years old. The younger goose has angel wing that we have attempted to correct several times, but she really freaks out with her wing bandaged up (I thought she was going to have a heart attack! Seriously!). She was a rescue and if the previous owners had treated her when she was small, she would be perfect. She cannot fly and needs to be in protected area. We keep the wing trimmed on that side to keep it from getting tangled. I hatched the oldest female and male. When the male hatched, he got caught in the hardware cloth in the bottom of the incubator and has some scarring on his bill. He eats and drinks just fine, but it is a cosmetic defect. He is very defensive of his ladies during laying season, but otherwise, he's a sweetheart.

    I have hatched goslings from these and they developed and finished out just fine. Due to the "special" care involved with two of these, I'm going to start bidding at $30 (that's $10 a goose - cheaper than a gosling at the hatchery). A trade may be possible also. Please PM me if you are interested in this trio and have any more questions.

    Pick-up only! They have been on pasture with our Boer goats as guardians and have done an excellent job! [​IMG]

    The goose with the angel wing is on the left.

    Close-up of the 3 yr old goose.

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