Pilgrim or Buff?


9 Years
Feb 22, 2012
Eastern WA
I've never raised geese, (just ducks/chickens/turkeys) but would like get some for a pasture/orchard situation. I live on one acre, and plan on putting in some fruit trees and overseeding the sparse pasture in the back. I want a more docile goose, thus the choice between the Buff and Pilgrim. I've heard Pilgrim CAN be aggressive, but they lay better than Buffs. I think both are about equal in weeding?

Recommendations from you goose owners?

I vote buff as well. My pilgrims are more aggressive toward other birds, and my dogs. I personally wouldn't get them again.
I'm not sure where or not this is a consideration for you, but Pilgrims have a hatch rate of about 55% and Buffs are above 85%. If they're just for you to enjoy I'd recommend buffs. If you want to sell eggs or goslings pilgrims might sell better, but buffs will be easier to hatch successfully.

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