pimmple on babbychick n it looks like its growing

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    Aug 15, 2011
    Hi chickets and chickman readers

    I need advice

    I have some babby chickes there about 1month old
    I have a total of 8. And 2 of them have something that looks like a pimple
    N its growing. The pimple looks like there is something in there like puss
    But I don't dare toch it. I don't want to hurt my babbychick.
    One of the babby chicks nose vents on the side is closed. Because the pimple is ghas
    And covering it. This pimple dosent seem to hurt the chicken
    It eats well. N babby chicks are awlays running around
    To me. My babby chickes look n feel well
    The weather is hot over her I just wonder if that has anything to do
    We feed 2 to 3 times a day. A lot of veggis n babbychickstater.
    They are keept in a large cage from pretators and alaways when I get home they
    Roam freally till go in to sleep

    Has anybody had this problem what should I do?

    I have attach some pic if u can see the bubble on babby chick

    I'm on my cell who do I attach pic

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