Pinch me!! (Horse-related!)

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    Today, a horse facility (2 barns, 14 stalls total, 3 paddocks, outdoor riding arena, round pens, and huge parking area) came up for lease, $500 a month, ALL utilities included!! We interviewed for it, and got it! Folks are on long waiting lists for horse boarding around here, and this is just a mile from our home!! We already have a barn and paddock, but we're crowded, and we have no easy place to park our one huge and one smaller horse trailer. It's hidden by a windbreak, and surrounded by homes, and very secure. Not to mention the income potential. pinch me, pinch me, pinch me!!!!


    Coupla my buddies.....

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    Quote:Only $500 a month? Wow around here you're lucky to find BOARDING for $500 a month!
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    I know! We live in Utah, on the Wasatch Front, and most boarding is $300-$400. Signed a one-year contract with options with the NICEST family. Almost makes us feel guilty......sortof.......OK, I'm over it.


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