Pine Shaved the chicks today

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    Unlike some on here, I don't use pine shavings under my day-olds that I brood on the floor--unless you can find real shavings with no saw dust, I believe the chicks eat more of it than is good for them. So I cover the floor with newsprint and haven't had problems with it in my 25 years of raising chicks other than their shredding it into the waterer. Therefore I wait until the chicks are well established before cleaning up the brooder floor and putting them on shavings.

    This year, because of a number of days away from home, it wasn't until today that I could do it--chicks have been here 7 weeks now and i should have done this a week or so ago. It is about an hour process. I have to chase the adults/pullets out of the main part of the coop and shut the outside hatch. Then I herd the chicks--all 31 of them--into the adult side of the coop, clean the brooder side, and spread shavings. I also take the time to raise the feeder and water. Then I herd everyone back--an old screen window is ideal for this. I'll give them another week or so before I remove the door between the two sides and let them co-mingle for a few days before allowing them all to go out.

    Works for me and the chicks now think they've died and gone to heaven, tomorrow there will be shavings every where.

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