Pine wood shavings messy!!


10 Years
May 1, 2009
Hi all, I just cleaned my brooder with wood pellets and changed to pine wood shavings. I don't know about these things, they are EVERYWHERE! In their feeders, waterers, just all over. I don't think I like this!
There are always pros and cons to everything isn't there! they smell nice and clean but at what price, in everything they are! Chicks have been scratching in them and they flew in everything. Now what should I use! I still have some corn cob bedding I havn't tried!
Is there a reason you switched from the pellets? I used those in my brooder and loved them. Now I'm mixing them with pine shavings in the coop (18 chicks/ 1 month old). I know what you mean about the shavings getting EVERYWHERE.
Just thought I would try them out. Had a bag I bought so thought I'd use it. Another thing was, I never got to observe the chicks droppings and was concerned about a couple of my chicks recently, and with the wood pellets I could never really see what their poos looked like. I think tho I'll go back to the pellets by the weekend, maybe mix that with the corncob bedding. We are still working on the coop so they'll be in my spare room for a little longer but I don't mind that at all.
I've found keeping the feeder and water up on a block of wood helps keep some of the shavings out a little. Also my chicks like to kick up every single piece of bedding when I change the brooder, so I leave the feed and water out for ten minutes until they've messed it up to their liking.

Mine are in the garage now - but I still find wood shavings all over my house...
Try hanging your feeder and waterer. Adjust it as the chicks grow, raising it as needed. Hang it so that they are the same level as the birds' backs. This will keep most of the shavings out.

You can find small double twist link chain for only a few dollars at most hardware or Home Depot type stores. Use a screw in cup hook from the ceiling and a length of chain a little shorter than floor level.

I've tried alot of different types of bedding material and find pine shavings to be the best.

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