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    So, today our DD, our youngest, our little baby girl is 8 years old.

    1st there's the How the heck did THAT happen?!?! I swear, no more BLINKING!

    Her party is planned for Saturday, 5-7, only a few friends/cousins. We're having it at Creative Hands. May have mentioned them? You go in and paint/glaze pre-poured ceramics/bisque, and depending c or b, take them home that day or pick them up in 1-2 weeks after firing? Anywho, b-day party includes painting (1st hour) one ceramic piece per person, and then the second hour you have your cake and whatnot. They've cordoned off a little 'room'... SO CUTE... it's a castle. These are some very creative ladies. Even a little door for the kiddo's entrance. You can choose the less expensive package (what we did) where you provide the deco, cake, etc. or you can pay extra and they'll do all that. Overall pretty darn nifty. And bonus point is that if a guest has a tight budget then they can always paint a gift for the b-day person! Well, I think it's neat anyways. And DD has been bugging us for over a year to have her b-day there. Last year just was not possible, but we can this year.

    ANYWHO... trying to sort out the gift thing... she's an interesting mix of girlie girl (gah) and tomboy (woot)... and (thank goodness) both of ours are pretty easy to please in the gift dept. They've never sneered at a gift.... prolly sounds strange but I've seen other kids do this... just blows my mind. So, I'm quite happy that mine do NOT do this. Makes me feel maybe I'm not doing to horrid a job teaching manners you know? Anywho, just about anything would do... but I do try and go with things she'll like you know? To that we've gotten her artsy stuff... animals (toy, not real)... and she loves all things music so she got a keyboard (great price in February) for Christmas last year... it's REALLY cool. Has like 100+ songs that you can learn... step by step, the keys light up... right now she's teaching herself Fur Elise. Taught her Twinkle Twinkle and she just took off from there.

    So... yeah music fan. And not just creating, but also listening. Dad and bro both have ipods and an extensive collection of songs. She (and I) both have our Lists on the puter... don't listen to the actual ipod, but will bring up the List and play it on the puter... at 7 she's already got a very interesting mix of songs in her list... from Irish rock to Avril... pretty eclectic (woot!!)... so based on that... I was thinking of maybe her one big gift from us being an ipod shuffle. Not a big fancy thing... but just a little one... her brother also got an inexpensive shuffle. With the right cable (we have) the ipod can be plugged into ANY stereo that has an input outlet... so, get her the shuffle and a small inexpensive radio and she'll be set.

    So... thoughts? Good idea? Horrible idea? Haven't bought it yet... figured on tomorrow... so advice (possible alternatives) are welcome.

    P.S. For those curious about the Irish Rock comment... Suidakra Feats of War is by far and away her favorite...
    If you care to have a listen...
    irony... went to an Irish/Celtic Metal fest and by FAR this GERMAN band kicked butt.
    Their rendition of Danny Boy... OH MY GAW... flat out AMAZING.
    And got DH a cool shirt that on the back says "I only answer with my blade"

    Okay... so MAYBE one too many D&D quests in the backyard for all three of mine...
    (and the front yard... poor mulberry hasn't been the same since DS slayed it)
    ...but at least it's not Kill The PoPo gangbanger crap.
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    Aug 17, 2008
    Sounds like a great idea!
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    Thanks. I just wish it had 'come to me' sooner. Then I could have found a good price, and had time for shipping if need be. Now I'ma be stuck paying full store price... which always annoys me.
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    Mar 22, 2010
    A shuffle is a great idea. They are pretty inexpensive now and durable. I have one and have dropped it several times, and my 1 yo has gotten ahold of it a few times [​IMG]. If you order from the apple store they engrave on them for free. You might not have it in time but then it would always have her name on it. [​IMG]
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    That's what MIL did when she got DH's... very fancy.

    I think it being hot pink, electric blue, etc will make it pretty obvious that it isn't her brother's (white).

    But yeah, that would have been a really nice touch... dernit... guess I could ask her...
    Do you want one now or in a week w/name...

    Kinda spoil the surprise though...
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    Jul 1, 2009
    Quote:Or you could wrap up a picture of an iPod and say it's coming later.... [​IMG]
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    Hmmm... there's a point... I'll ask DH what he thinks... she's quite a bit like him personality wise so his input is usually a good idea.
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    Well CRAP... I just HAD to go look in the apple store... just had to see free shipping in addition to free engraving... and they have a gallery of ideas... dernabbit to heck.

    Quite a few cute ones... but I'm liking...

    For ____'s Ears Only.

    You are music to my ears.

    Small is the new big.

    Course seeing this, if I'd been in charge of hubby's I may well have gone with "Now you can carry a tune" [​IMG] Guess it's good Nana picked it out huh?

    Hmmm 14 letters max on two lines max...

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    Well, I put the hypothetical to her yesterday...

    You can have your b-day gift on Sat. at your party... or you can have it Mon or later with your name engraved...

    She voted for Saturday no engrave.... oddly never once asked what her gift is.

    Are mine easy to please or what?! [​IMG]

    So got her the blue one... and found a 'boom box' w/CD player and AM/FM that will play the Shuffle too.
    Evidently now everyone has figured out this tidbit so they actually label them as "plays any MP3 player"
    For $20 you can get ipod speakers... OR for $23 you get that + CD + radio... hmm... tough call.

    Oh, and spotted two pairs of jammies... she's a big fan of jammies... rather get those than regular clothes.

    So there ya go.

    In Laws came to supper, bearing gifts, last night... she said "Do I have to wait until my party" and I said "No, I thought it'd be nice to save 1 or 2 for the party but you don't have to" she made the thinking face and said "Two" and dashed off to open the other two. Which turned out to be a Mama Furreal (sp?) Cat and the smaller/kitten...

    Infinitely better than if Nana had given her a REAL cat... but the dern thing still made me sneeze. [​IMG]

    THEN BIL showed up... In Laws invited him... wish I'd known... wouldn't have let DH eat the spare pork chop! But he was happy with mashed tators, okra and broccoli so no loss. And major bonus points for taking the kiddos for a spend the night/most of today so I could run those B-day specific errands without B-day girl in tow!

    Boy, I'm pooped. Second day in a row jolting awake at 5am... DH was awakened too... we discussed that and figured maybe it's MY snoring/flopping that wakes HIM up... and then him NOT snoring wakes ME up... but then he's able to nod back off... where I'm not. Hehe... joys of marriage no?

    Anywho, so that's all sorted. Party is manana, STILL haven't gotten a yay or nay from sis about KK, n'mind her brother Hunter ARGH! Not helpful! How do I know how much pizza I need if I don't know if we'll have 2 more or not? And KK was theoretically going to come back for a spend the night after... I hate not being able to plot... err I mean plan...

    Let's hope sanity holds...
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    ... and then I went to Dollar Tree (everything is $1 store)...

    Sure I got the cups, napkins, tableclothes I went for... but also puzzle/coloring books, markers, glitter glue, googly eyes, socks, hair ties... to the tune of $32... *sigh* well at least when I fill a buggy there the damage isn't TOO bad.

    So then I figured I'd go to Papa Johns to see about delivery during the party, but not to my home address. I could not figure out how to send to an alternate addy online. Well, I wasn't sure they were open yet, few minutes before 11, so I wandered down the strip...

    Gene Allens... I behaved... got a simple little $2 card and took note of a couple items that would be nice for Christmas gifts...

    One being Fire Wire... for skewers but it's metal cable... might be cool for the BILs...
    The other being the FREAKY weird puzzle maze hoobajoob called a Perplexus...

    At 12.99 and 24.99 NOT buying today, that store is known for high prices... but I can check online. [​IMG]

    Still time to kill so I wandered a bit further... to Tuesday Morning.
    No luck finding a DD size apron... she has one full size (but small) and a hip only... but she likes them... but no luck.
    Wandered a bit and DID find a cute little sewing box (another thing she's been mentioning) and a big pink square wall clock for her room.

    I figure both of those are handy things to have around, useful, not really "toys" so I'm not feeling too guilty.

    So, that's the gamut of gifts... they're bagged and bowed and ready to go...
    Last minute I'll toss the 2 liters of soda into my Keep Cool shopping bag, then put the cupcakes on top (maybe they won't melt) and then off to Creative Hands... pizza delivered... so no cooking supper.

    I can survive this... piece of cake. [​IMG]

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