Pinhole camera photography

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    Anybody try this?

    I have wanted to get into this for years Finally got off my duff and built a camera.
    It's like a throwback to the 1800's type of photography.

    I'll post some pics when I get around to scanning them.

    The camera is stupid simple, a light tight box with photographic film in the back and tiny pin hole in the front. A black piece of black tape for the "shutter".
    There's no focus, no lenses, no timers, no knobs or switches. Just point in the general direction, open the shutter, count to 15. Then develop the film.

    You do need to know about darkroom photo developing It's dead easy to learn. (The hardest part is finding a "dark room" to work in)

    In bright daylight the camera exposure is about 14-15 seconds vice 1/120 th of a second of regular cameras.
    The pictures produced by a pinhole camera are soft without a sharp hard focus, sort of creepy but cool.

    Lots of sites on the internet to get started.
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