Pink and swollen feet


Dec 19, 2015
This is our (feisty) hen "Lizzie" who is a young Delaware. a few days ago I noticed her feet were rather swollen and pink. I don't think its bumble foot because its pink all the way up her legS (both) and I can't find any scab, anywhere. Here are pictures from 10 minutes ago. She's still regrowing feathers from being broody several weeks ago. We've built them a large new coop since the old one was leaking with all the rain. They've had lots of stress this last few months. This looks strange, no? Am I being silly? Any thoughts? This is our first time owning chickens. We don't know what to do... but we also don't want to take them to the vet. One day, eventually, we want to have a large flock of laying birds, and a large flock of meat birds. So I know I need to learn how to help my chickens heal. Also, We don't want to give them antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. We eat organic, grass fed.. blah blah blah... :) we're some of those type of people :) We have a large collection of medicinal herbs for myself and my husband and children. Anything I can do from home without having to butcher the chicken? I don't know if this is contagious. Lizzie doesn't seem to be in any pain. Should I bring her in for an epsom salt bath? The only epsom salt I currently have on hand also has lavender ... that's not dangerous to birds right?



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Jul 4, 2013
Marion, NC
Her feet look normal to me.
Is it cold where you live right now? The pinkness may be from that.
If you're really worried you could clean her feet super well and post another picture. Things may be clearer when they're super clean :p

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