Pink chickens?

View attachment 1283794 I have a lavender ameracauna and a lavender silkie. Neither of them started out pink. The person says that the chicks aren’t dyed and it’s because they’re lavenders. “Not calling them liars but do all lavenders do this”? Neither of mine ever had any pink. they’re also Orpingtons.

Oh my! That is definitely not their natural color. They should be a light slate color. NOT PINK. I cannot think of any reason that they would be pink unless they dyed them. I sure hope they didn't. Just Google lavender orpington chicks and you will see what they should look like.
Interesting... I bred lavender Aracuanas and Orpingtons and the chicks should most certainly not be pink! I'm just going to watch this thread until someone a bit more knowledgeable chimes in. I sure do hope they heaven't been dyed!
They were very rude when I said that I thought they were dyed. Basically they called me a liar for saying I owned lavenders and said I was uninformed

That's ridiculous, clearly they are liars. I breed blue and lavender Ameraucanas and have studied their genetics. No way is it even possible to have a pink chicken. But what gets me angry is that they are labeling it as lavender. They are probably trying to scam people into thinking that they are getting a lavender orpington when they actually dyed it, which is horrible.
I breed blue and pink chickens. You people are definately uninformed...the grey is the only one dyed...:plbb
It's a special hair dye for dogs, specifically poodles. Once I dyed them tho, it was in for almost a year, lol. The hens liked it. So with all that being said, I have never seen a true pink chicken and any lavender silkies I ever hatched, were a greyish slate color.

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