pink dye on top of head?

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    Apr 5, 2011
    We got 4 Easter eggers from the local hardware/feed store, and the owner said that they were pullets from Murray McMurray. They all have a pinkish red splotch on top of their heads. Is this the way MM indicates they are pullets, or is this actually part of the bird's coloring? I'm thinking it has to be the former, but this is our first forray into chickens. We also got some Light Sussex and Delaware locally. I've attempted to feather sex them, and have marked the ones which should be roos based on that. We'll see how it pans out in real life...

    Thanks for any help!
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    Jul 17, 2009
    Chickens dont have pink feathers.

    They marked them because the feed store ordered two types of chicks that were similar in appearance. This made it easier for the packers to verify the packing list. If the feed store had ordered unsexed chicks, then the hatchery would not have bothered sexing and then marking the chicks.

    Feather sexing is not a reliable means of sexing chickens. It only works for breeds specifically bred to be feather sexed. Easter Eggers are not one of those breeds. Nor are the other breeds you mentioned.
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    No pink feathered chickens that I know of. [​IMG]
    That is the hatcheries way of telling what the chicks are in that order.
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    Pink feathers on top of the head? Must be that new strain of British Punk Rock chicks... be careful with 'em... they're also partial to hair bands...
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    I ordered 50 Delaware Pullets, 4 Delaware Roos, and 2 RIR Roos and the 4 Delaware males had pink marks on there head. The 2 RIR's had Green dots on there head. Just a making. my chicks are a little over a week old and they are starting to feather out!

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