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Jan 13, 2010
Fairfield, Maine
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My Coop
I have a feather-picker. I know it is the white leghorn, because I've seen her doing it. It wasn't too bad at first, but one hen is now developing a bald spot and I'd like to put a stop to this.

We have some pinless peepers, so we put one on her. Of course, she didn't like this, but the worst part was that all the other hens immediately attacked her, pecking at the peepers. We were willing to let this behavior run its course, just watching to make sure she didn't get hurt, but within a few minutes, our speckled sussex grabbed onto the peeper and pulled so hard that they came off. Soon they were all running around playing keep-away with the peepers.

My question: Is it normally possible for another hen to pull these off of someone else, or do you think we didn't put them on properly? The leghorn did not seem to be able to get them off on her own.

We did not try to reattach them immediately, as the leghorn was rather stressed from the whole ordeal.

I am going to try increasing their protein for a while, and see if this might fix itself. We feed them layer feed mixed with flock raiser (with the intention of providing extra protein), but I thought maybe feeding back some eggs, giving yogurt, etc. might provide an extra boost.

I appreciate any advice about feather-pickers or pinless peepers!

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